Colorado State Fair 2022: What’s in Store and What to Expect

There’s a lot to love about a good state fair. Colorado has had a lot of practice with a century-and-a-half of state-fair festivities under its belt!

The Colorado State Fair transpires every end of summer at the famous Colorado State Fairgrounds. It caps off the season with exciting rides, thrilling events, eccentric booths, and amazing performances from some of the best country artists. Read on to see what you can expect from the Colorado State Fair 2022.

Colorado State fair
photo: Colorado State Fair

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When and Where Is the Colorado State Fair?
How Late Does the Colorado State Fair Stay Open?
How Much Does It Cost to Get Into the Colorado State Fair?
What are the Colorado State Fair’s Ground Rules?
Can You Bring Water Into the Colorado State Fair?
Are There Rides at the Colorado State Fair?
What Is There to Do At the Colorado State Fair?
What Concerts Will Be At the Colorado State Fair?
What Food Can you Get At the Colorado State Fair?

Colorado State Fair 2022 – Things to Know

To prepare for such a festive event, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know, including answers to commonly asked questions.

When and Where Is the Colorado State Fair?

The event will run from August 26 through September 5, 2022, in the Colorado State Fairgrounds at 1001 Beulah Ave. Pueblo.

To get there, take the Central Avenue exit or 97A exit from Interstate 25. Then head right on to Abriendo and stop at the first stoplight. You then head west on Northern Avenue to Prairie. Take a right on Prairie and continue four blocks to the Fairgrounds.

How Late Does the Colorado State Fair Stay Open?

If you’re a regular attendee of the Colorado State Fair, you’ll notice that the hours for 2022 have changed compared to previous years.

This year’s fair will be open to everyone from Monday to Thursday from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. From Friday to Sunday and Labor Day, the Fairgrounds will remain open as late as 11 p.m. However, it will open a few hours earlier, at 11 a.m.

The Carnival Hours extend to midnight (12 a.m.) for all Fairgrounds schedules. However, the Family Fun Zone Rides close at 10 p.m. daily.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Into the Colorado State Fair?

Here’s what you’ll have to shell out for admission tickets:

  • Adult Admission (ages 13 and up): $14
  • Child Admission (between ages five and 12): $7
  • Children under four: free when accompanied by an adult

If you like spending time at the Carnival, take note of the following Carnival prices:

  • An Unlimited Ride Band costs $40 but does not include some specialty rides.
  • If you want to access all rides without lining up for individual passes, your best option is the Mega Pass, which costs $150.

What are the Colorado State Fair’s Ground Rules?

For everyone’s safety and well-being and the benefit of the concessionaires, the Colorado State Fair has laid out some ground rules.

They include the following:

  • Outside food or drinks are not permitted.
  • There shall be no bringing in of coolers.
  • Weapons or things that others can mistake for weapons are not allowed within the Fairgrounds.
  • Pets are not allowed, except for those competing at the fair.
  • The Fair’s management prohibits any sort of smoking, especially in buildings. This includes smoking pipes, cigars, cigarettes, joints, and e-cigars, among others. Consuming cannabis in public is also illegal.

Can You Bring Water Into the Colorado State Fair?

Since the State Fair does not permit bringing in outside food and drinks, you may not bring your own bottled water.

This rule is probably for minimizing waste within the Fairgrounds.

You can always purchase water from vendors once you enter the site.

Are There Rides at the Colorado State Fair?

Colorado State fair Swing

You bet there will be! For many attending the fair, it’s all about the exciting and thrilling carnival rides.

The selection of rides is different year after year. Nevertheless, here’s a list of the most common ones in recent years that you’re sure to find again this year. Be sure to ride safely, though. 


If the usual swinging and lateral-spinning rides are starting to bore you, you may want to try this one. The Hi-Roller offers a refreshing change from some of the more typical carnival rides, taking an upside-down rotating motion.

The ride has an oval track with cars attached that flips non-stop, making riders feel like they’re inside a dryer as they tumble around constantly. The ride can make you feel dizzy and disoriented, so get on it on an empty stomach. You don’t want to end up getting too sick when it’s over.


The Kamikaze, or the Hammer, as it is so aptly named, can be quite a frightening ride. It can make your stomach hollow with fear, thrill, and excitement as it swings forward and backward in a wide sweeping motion.

This ride has its passenger cars positioned at the end where g-forces are strongest. With every back-and-forth swing, the pendulum gains momentum, which causes it to flip over eventually in tummy-dropping 360-degree rotation.

It gives a feeling of total freefall that adrenaline-seeking riders are constantly searching for. If you’re one who’s faint of heart, best steer clear of this one.

Swing Ride

The Swing Ride or the Yo-Yo is a scarier version of one of our favorite carnival rides, the carousel. Unlike an ordinary carousel that spins slowly close to the ground, this one rotates pretty fast, high above the ground.

Passengers sit on swings as the ride spins them high up the air. It’s a fun ride for older kids and adults looking for something scarier and more exciting than the traditional carousel ride. 

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is a carnival staple that will always have long lines because people love them that much. It’s a fun and exciting classic ride with just the right amount of extreme for most people to want to give it a go.

Scarier rides always put you on the edge of your seat. On the other hand, the Ferris Wheel lets you relax and breathe in the fresh, festive air as you hover above the entire fair. Whether on a date with your kids or significant other, this ride is an excellent choice. 


Unlike the Kamikaze, the scrambler operates in fast, horizontal spins close to the ground to accomplish the same fear-inducing motion.

The fact that it spins close to ground level makes it a less frightening prospect than machines turning high above the ground. It’s classified as a more moderately scary ride as opposed to a “crazy” scary one. 


Named aptly for its close resemblance to the toy, this ride is not too different from the Kamikaze. The big difference between the two rides is that this one has a spinning wheel at the pendulum’s end where the passengers are strapped.

This wheel rotates in circles as the pendulum swings, inducing the scary sensation of a complete freefall while spinning simultaneously. For this reason, many riders claim it’s even more terrifying than the Kamikaze that only the bravest of riders would dare to get on.


Scary rides are a magnet for the more thrill-seeking fair-goers, and you’ll find a good number of them falling in line at the Zipper.

The Zipper is an utterly terrifying ride with several passenger cars attached to a spinning oval boom. The boom swings to give passengers the feeling of being in freefall.

At the same time, the cars swing backward and forward to disorient riders until the ride comes to a stop. This high-octane experience is the reason for the Zipper’s infamous reputation at the carnival.

Pirate Ship

Essentially, the Pirate Ship is a less extreme, boat-shaped version of the Kamikaze. It also swings on a pendulum but neither goes as fast nor flips over to a 360-degree motion.

It’s an excellent ride for those looking for something thrilling but not too scary. Note that where you are on the ride determines how terrifying or less dangerous the experience is. Sit somewhere close to the end where the g-forces are the highest, and it will definitely be a more frightening experience. Seat closer to the middle for a more relaxed experience.


The carousel is arguably the most kid-friendly of the rides on this list. It isn’t as intense and has the lowest height requirement for riders. It’s a gentler ride that many kids and non-thrill-seeking adults have favored for years. If scary rides aren’t your thing, this one should be right up your alley.

Children too young for other rides are usually allowed to ride the carousel independently. However, those too short will need to sit on an accompanying adult’s lap to ride. It’s a fantastic ride for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, older kids, and even adults.

Bumper Cars

You will hardly find a more popular carnival ride among kids at the fair than bumper cars. Kids constantly being told they can’t drive yet will finally be able to get behind the wheel of a “vehicle,” thanks to this ride.

Behind the wheel of a bumper car, kids can practice driving skills and ram into other bumper cars for fun. The ride isn’t just for youngsters. It’s for everyone who wants to let the kid within them loose.

What Is There to Do At the Colorado State Fair?

Colorado State fair Bull Riding

The Colorado State Fair is not just about fun rides at the carnival. It also offers free attractions, special events, concerts, activities for kids, competitions, and rodeo events!

You can participate in competitions including cake decorating, creative cooking, cat shows, and dog trials.

Check out the State Fair’s Fashion Revue, Rocket Fly Day, Silk Exhibit, Shooting Sports Championships, and Digital Photo Contest.

If you need more details about contests to join, check out the Colorado 4-H State Fair Information.

Aside from these competitions, the State Fair will host horse shows, junior livestock sales, monster truck tours, and beer and wine crafting competitions.

With all these events at play, you’ll surely find one that piques your interest.

What Concerts Will Be At the Colorado State Fair?

Colorado State fair concert
photo: Colorado State Fair

This year’s State Fair will welcome some big names in country music and stand-up comedy. Headline acts include award-winning band Lady A, pop country performer Walker Hayes, and famous comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Also, check out the laid-out schedules for the Randy Rogers Band, Lou Gramm, Berlin, Eddie Montgomery, Stone Temple Pilots, and T.I.

What Food Can you Get At the Colorado State Fair?

Colorado State fair food

With all the things to do at the Fairgrounds, you’ll definitely get tired and end up looking for a bite to eat much more than you think.

The Colorado State fair serves some of the most memorable treats, from green chiles and deep-fried Snickers to funnel cakes and other unique, savory treats. Enter the fair on an empty stomach and leave a full, satisfied fair-goer in more ways than one.

If you’re not from the area and love spicy food, you don’t want to miss out on anything that has Pueblo’s famous green chili as part of its recipe. The Creative Arts Kitchen holds an annual Green Chili Competition where fair-goers are welcome to taste the entries. Make sure to bring your bottled water with you when you do.

A Week of Fun Awaits at The Colorado State Fair!

There’s much to look forward to at the Colorado State Fair in 2022. Sure, it could be more of the same thing we get every year, but it could also be something different.

We never quite know what the experience will be like this time around. However, one thing we can be sure of is that it will be fun and should have us looking forward to next year!

Go to for more details and tickets!